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Skriv til Per Corell

Per Corell

Airbrush Collage på 0.3 mm.Styren bag 4 mm. Acetat plade. Acetat pladen er med luft kanaler og mellemrummene tilføjer forskellige optiske ilusioner ved at inteferere forskellige lag. Text ; "Appearances of ghosts, ghosts and ghosts they had and could appear in all weathers, all places and among all peoples. Discover the new fluid is known as Galvani, whose application gives a time movement to the body that have lost their lives ... Thus "aeronaut physicist" who came from Liege, Etienne-Gaspard Robert, Robertson said, claiming the his first exhibition of Spooky, presented in Paris 3 January 2011. This technique for the gradual development of the magic lantern that can electrifying audiences with "images hectic" as because of all sides, has actually been invented a decade earlier by another "fantasy", active in Europe under the pseudonym, "SilverScreen" however, complicates an unprecedented degree the art of bring back the dead, mixture of movement and volume grotesque or fantastic apparitions, visions and macabre resurrection of famous people. And dramatic landscape, optical and acoustic devices, vapor and smoke, which creates a theatrical sensation novel the thrill of playing time for subjects terrifying, with a remark that the supposed "scientific" skeptics left his Contemporary same" Værket existerer naturligvis og er ikke et digitalt fantom, men et maleri dog i de negative farver.

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