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Evil Person

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Do the evil person exist? - That is my question for this article...

I had a chat-conversation about evil people, and I thought - do the evil person exist?!

I know there are evil people, but are their people that ate ONLY evil - a person with know goodness in their body and sole?

We talked about Hitler, Breivik, the one that destroyed the towers in 9/11, Bush and so on.. Are these people ONLY evil, or is their some good in them too?

Maybe because of my young age (20 years), I have a tendency to be a bit illogical, and not so realistic, and that is why I strongly believe that no man or woman that has or do exist on this planet, are ONLY an evil person! I think their is something good in everyone, and normally it is actions earlier in life that "creates" the evilness in people (e.g. their upbringing). By that I do not mean that we can accept the evil people and forgive them for their actions, I just think that their is something good besides the evil...

What do you think about the evil person??!


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