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What is the point with life, if we do not have our dreams?!

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These days I have thought a lot about what I will do with my life later..
I have a lot of plans - travelling, study art, maybe write articles for an art-magazine, working on museums and so on.. And today it really helps me knowing what to do now so I can reach some of my goals later in life.. It gives my life meaning right now! - E.g. I started writing for an on-line magazine, I want to volunteer in a museum, I write about art and make art in a school and so on.. So I know what is good now and what can help me in the future..
That is why I do not get the people with no dreams for their future.. Maybe they do not know or maybe they are just not interested.. But for me it makes more sense to know - because it gives my life a bigger purpose. 
So how can we live without our dreams and still find purpose in life???! 
The meaning with my life is to reach some of my goals and dreams in life! .. What are your meaning with life?


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