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20-02-2014 Vist: 442 gange.

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Hey Guys!


I think it is about time for a proper introduction - about the blog and a little bit about the writer - Gammelgaard! , after all, not all of you really know me. But it is my hope that you will get to know some sides of me after reading my blog regularly - a relationship takes time to build, and so does getting to know all sides of one person. But it can be good to get to know people from the inside, so that we can get to know more about our self. That is my basic plan with this blog anyway - not all people are good at talking with strangers, so this will be your chance, behind the screen. You guys should know that I am always up for a talk or a meeting or more personal email-correspondence if u like or need it (annekristensen5@hotmail.com) - Sometimes I can be good to give advises. Anyway. 

I think I am getting a more clear opinion about what my blog will be about. 
Of course about me and my big passion for art - my ideas, projects, interests e.g. - Life, art, music, literature, theater, funny observations in life and so on.. You are always welcome to join with ideas, if you need me to bring up a topic you could have questions about (not that I know about everything, but I could do a little research in the area or something). 
I have planned two series-articles for now (and the topic will change from time to time), but it will be kind of bigger stories about my life or things I just feel to write a little more about. Right now Thursday is for my "our-tale"-story (check it in earlier post), and Sunday will be about my cold year - in fancy called 'depression'. I do not write to make you feel sad for me, but so that people in same situation can see that they are not alone. A lot of feelings are the same in humans, but because we rarely discuss it, nobody get to know HOW alike we all are. It is also for relatives to a person with depression, just if it could help anyone :)
The other days I will post about reviews, philosophical questions, other life-stories and so on.. 

I hope you will write and follow me on my blog :) 
See You Around Stranger! 



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Ikke før du finder 1 anden farve at skrive din tekst i, den er fir irriterende den du har valgt for mine øjen!!!!
18 December  2014

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