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My Art

05-04-2012 Vist: 325 gange.

Titel: Stilleben - det stille liv (the quiet life) Størrelse/size: 1 * ½ m. 
Materiale: Oil-painting 

Betydning/message: The picture is painted after some of our house fell of suddenly. It tells us how little we can control of nature and also death. The three floors represent the three state of life: birth on the ground floor, middle-life on the middle floor and death in the top of the house. It tells us that these three states of life is inevitable and that they can be very close to eat other - meaning; life can be very short. 

The message is personal, because last year (2011) was the first year I witnessed death for real, and two very beloved people died suddenly and too young.
This picture is dedicated to them - R.I.P.


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BjARnfoss ARt

Smukt, kunstnerisk og rørende! kh AK

07 April  2012

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