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24-04-2012 Vist: 142 gange.

  Hey all of you! 
In the years 07-08, I had the honour to join the school Eriksminde Efterskole, that is a school close to Odder or Aarhus in Denmark. Therefore I thought I would write a little bit about my experience, and when I know that a lot of people from other countries do not know what an Efterskole is, I would like to explain it. Because I wishes that all countries should have these kind of schools. 
An Efterskole is a school you choose voluntarily and most people in Denmark therefore choose to go there in the last year of their basic school - the 11. grate... 
As a young student you live on the school among other young people, you have a person or more people you live with and you eat together with the whole school.. My school had a lot of great foot, e.g. we had a day with fish and a vegetarian day without meat. When you live together side by side this way in a whole year with a school that have 70-100 people, you get very close to all people and also the teachers. One of the reason why I choose the school I did , was because of the atmosphere.. After only one month you can experience a totally amazing atmosphere around the school, because we all know each other and because we feel save and as our self around each other.. 
Therefore you get a lot of social skills and you learn to work together and live together side by side..     
Most schools have some subject that they priorities: e.g. sport, creative subjects, writing subject and so on. The student can choose the school and what subject they like the most. 
My school was a very creative school and I went to painting, drawing and foto-classes.. They also had a lot of philosophy, religion, art-history, history, story-telling and so on.. It was vary interesting and I learned a lot about my self and what I wanted to do in the future.. 
So if you feel like you do not know what to do after your final year, which university you should choose, it is probably because you did not had the chance to join these schools. 
In Denmark, if that is the case, you can also go to Hoejskoler - the same kind of school just for the older ones.. 
The schools are based on ideas from Gruntvig - a clever danish man that described the basic ideas for schools like this - he thought that story-tellings and singing was very important.. 
So join a school like this or make some in your own countries :) ... 

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