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Skriv til Naya Amalie

Naya Amalie

This is how I see life- an eternal dance, if you put atoms under a microscope and put music on, they'll start dancing and moving. The top of The Key is from an old Celtic relic, that depicts eternal life, life as an on-going never-ending event, an eternal changing constant, but the essence of life is the same. Even then, back then, they instinctively knew that it goes on, the circle of life.. that's without all the benefits of modern science and data. There's just things we know in our hearts. The other spirals is DNA, the building-blocks of all living things. The letters says eternal dance on the bottom of the key, its written in Sanskrit, the oldest know written language , as the real key to the locking mechanism, as if you would open an imaginary door: That it's a dance, and it should never cease to amaze, neither should we be reluctant to participate, because you're already part of it - you're dancing whether you like it or not. <3

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