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Artist group

06-12-2011 Vist: 1079 gange.

I want to tell you about an artist group that i am in, called Art People International. It all started on Facebook when i was looking for people making collages and i was invited in to the group by the founder Richard Williams. Richards main idea for this international group is an important concern to the various artists for mutual inspiration. There are not only painters, illustrators and photographers in the group it also includes musicians, film artists and poets.It´s a passion for all conceivable forms of art.

There is always something exhiting going on in the group and the location of most of the members is in Langen, Germany. On the 11th of december we are having an exhibition in Langen and the concept is "colour play". Everyone is welcome to the exhibition wich is opened with sparkling wine and coffee. Open-minded art lovers will be able to enjoy many different styles and techniques from traditional painting with oil or acrylic paint, photography, street art, it is more diverse than ever this time. Large and small paintings by artists from the region, but also represented by international artists from places like Hungary, Trinidad and Tobago, Egypt and Denmark (that´s me :-) and most of the exhibits can be purchased.

If you are interested you can join the group, you'll find the Art People either on facebook or in it´s weekly meeting, held every Tuesday from 19-22 (Railway Street 42b) in Langen.
There is a special manifesto, where interested parties must first agree before taken in to the group. I am also a member of another group and i think the best thing is that you do so incredibly much networking, get inspiration and meet so many interesting people from all over the world. People post what they are doing, about exibition´s and lot of interesting and useful stuff.  I hope the english is okay, have to start learing danish :-)

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Hi, Iris

I've just been in and look at the facebook page "Art People International" very exciting and very different art, but the world is also composed of very different culture.

Best regards, Kim

06 December  2011

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