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A different kinds of art

14-07-2014 Vist: 200 gange.

Many of you wonders why I all the time create a different kinds of art, and use different materials to create my works.

The answer is: Because making all the time the same things is boring!!! laugh

"My world"

I just love to try a new things, use all the time a new materials and experiment with them. I know that most artists has their own style they keep to, but I do not like to stick to the standards, and trying all the time a new things allows me to feel free.

But it's also because everything around me is so inspiring and I never know what will inspire me today to create a new artwork.

"Rust" - inspired by daily composition

For me it does not matter what kind of style I represent, but what I want to convey at the time the viewer.


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